Monday, September 10, 2012

The Notebook’s Rachel McAdams Photographed in Minor Vehicle Accident

Just recently, The Notebook actress Rachel McAdams was said to be photographed stepping out of his car following a minor vehicle accident.

According to reports, the incident happened shortly after a sudden down pour of rain in Los Angeles last Wednesday.

Photos of the Canadian actress wearing a striped Oxford shirt and jeans while stepping out of her red Mini Cooper are all over the Internet. News reports said that the actress rear-ended the vehicle in front of her

Subsequently, McAdams stepped out of her car to talk to the other driver of the vehicle that she struck. Fortunately, nobody sustained injuries from the incident. However, both cars sustained minimal damage.

Shortly after the incident, McAdams parked her car and still managed to proceed to her destination on foot.

The 33-year-old actress is currently in a relationship with Twilight star Michael Sheen. They met two years ago on the set of Woody Allen’s film, Midnight in Paris.  At present, McAdams is filming her new movie, About Time, where she plays as an old-fashioned pregnant woman.

Apparently, despite the traffic mishap that McAdams had encountered, she seems to remain positive the whole day and a Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer admires her for that.

A vehicle accident poses a serious threat to everyone involved. In fact, statistics revealed that it is the leading cause of death for people who are 34-years-old and below. Admittedly, McAdams is lucky enough that she had survived a vehicle accident unscathed.


Andru Luka said...

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Rodney Mesriani said...

Definitely yes @Andru Lukas. However, in Ms. McAdams case, I've seen its photos taken from the actual accident scene and apparently, the damage is minor and no one was even injured. Therefore, I don't think the two drivers ended up in such situation.

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