Friday, September 14, 2012

Amanda Bynes Spotted Drugged and Driving on Suspended License

Photo gives credit to NY Daily News.
It seems like Amanda Bynes can’t keep herself from breaking laws. From drunk driving to hit-and-run, now the troubled young actress is said to have driven on suspended license and smoked from drug pipes.

Initially, news reports claimed that the troubled actress was again pulled over by the cops for driving around the streets of Los Angeles on a suspended driver’s license last Monday. However, subsequent reports claimed that aside from driving without authority valid license, Bynes was also spotted the same night driving without purpose while smoking from a drug pipe.

According to a news report published by a renowned celebrity news website, Bynes started her trip at Baja Fresh where she smoked from the pipe while inside his car parked at the restaurant’s parking lot before purchasing a taco and going back in her car to eat.

Thereafter, she made a stopover at a spa before betting back into her wheels driving elsewhere for several hours.

Witnesses during her driving escapade claimed that there were times wherein she was caught cutting off other drivers and violating other traffic laws before she finally ended up at a home depot to buy colored light bulbs and to take another hit from the pipe in the store’s parking lot.

It was confirmed that Amanda Bynes’ license was suspended last August 25. However, the exact reason for her driver’s license suspension was not yet determined. Some people speculated that it is due to her refusal to take a sobriety test during her DUI arrest way back in April. Also, authorities previously gave a hint that the 26-year-old actress may possibly face almost a year in jail following her misdemeanor charges if she would be convicted during her scheduled arraignment on September 27.

In this regard, a Los Angeles auto accident attorney explained that under the California’s state law, refusal to undergo a sobriety test could automatically end up in driver’s license suspension while hit-and-run charges could possibly lead to jail time.


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