Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Increase in Auto Accident Fatalities Calls for More Comprehensive Traffic Laws

In the past few years, an alarming increase in the number of traffic fatalities seems to be calling for a more comprehensive focus on safe driving.

In a recent statistic released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it was revealed that some 7,630 people died in auto accidents during the first quarter of the current year. Said figure accounts for an increase of 13.5 percent as compared to the first quarter of the previous year.

Several years ago, the number of highway fatalities in fact, significantly dropped but since then made a noticeable increase in the previous years.

According to a news report, an NHTSA official claimed that although it is too soon to speculate for what was referred to as an “alarming increase,” the result is disappointing since the first quarters of any year usually produce lower death tolls. Said rise in death toll is actually the second largest recorded figure since the NHTSA started keeping tracks of such incidents.

Unfortunately, in recent years, government figures have revealed that California is one of the states with the most number of highway fatalities. In fact, while the other states showed a decrease in death tolls in recent years, California recorded a remarkable increase. 

This is an issue that should be addressed immediately, said by a Los Angeles personal injury attorney. Despite the diligent effort exerted by the entire federal traffic law enforcement to avoid further traffic fatalities, new risks are emerging since  the advent of hand held devices and other electronic devices. Also, alcohol, over speeding, and poorly maintained automobiles are also factors for car accidents. Consequently, many people believe that more comprehensive traffic laws will definitely solve the growing vehicle accident problems of the country.


Kate Dunkin said...

Great post Rodney! My lawyer Francis S. Hallinan Esq. was just telling me something about this. I'm going to make sure to share your post with him, thank you for posting this.

Rodney Mesriani said...

Thank you Kate Dunkin.

Andru Luka said...

All country has different rules for different injuries and lawyer can know better about rules, so every people should take help of personal injury layer.

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Rodney Mesriani said...

Another big yes for that Andru Lukas. Each states has its own distinct laws. By the way, thanks for being an avid reader of my blog posts @Andru Lukas.

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