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Friday, September 14, 2012

Amanda Bynes Spotted Drugged and Driving on Suspended License

Photo gives credit to NY Daily News.
It seems like Amanda Bynes can’t keep herself from breaking laws. From drunk driving to hit-and-run, now the troubled young actress is said to have driven on suspended license and smoked from drug pipes.

Initially, news reports claimed that the troubled actress was again pulled over by the cops for driving around the streets of Los Angeles on a suspended driver’s license last Monday. However, subsequent reports claimed that aside from driving without authority valid license, Bynes was also spotted the same night driving without purpose while smoking from a drug pipe.

According to a news report published by a renowned celebrity news website, Bynes started her trip at Baja Fresh where she smoked from the pipe while inside his car parked at the restaurant’s parking lot before purchasing a taco and going back in her car to eat.

Thereafter, she made a stopover at a spa before betting back into her wheels driving elsewhere for several hours.

Witnesses during her driving escapade claimed that there were times wherein she was caught cutting off other drivers and violating other traffic laws before she finally ended up at a home depot to buy colored light bulbs and to take another hit from the pipe in the store’s parking lot.

It was confirmed that Amanda Bynes’ license was suspended last August 25. However, the exact reason for her driver’s license suspension was not yet determined. Some people speculated that it is due to her refusal to take a sobriety test during her DUI arrest way back in April. Also, authorities previously gave a hint that the 26-year-old actress may possibly face almost a year in jail following her misdemeanor charges if she would be convicted during her scheduled arraignment on September 27.

In this regard, a Los Angeles auto accident attorney explained that under the California’s state law, refusal to undergo a sobriety test could automatically end up in driver’s license suspension while hit-and-run charges could possibly lead to jail time.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Notebook’s Rachel McAdams Photographed in Minor Vehicle Accident

Just recently, The Notebook actress Rachel McAdams was said to be photographed stepping out of his car following a minor vehicle accident.

According to reports, the incident happened shortly after a sudden down pour of rain in Los Angeles last Wednesday.

Photos of the Canadian actress wearing a striped Oxford shirt and jeans while stepping out of her red Mini Cooper are all over the Internet. News reports said that the actress rear-ended the vehicle in front of her

Subsequently, McAdams stepped out of her car to talk to the other driver of the vehicle that she struck. Fortunately, nobody sustained injuries from the incident. However, both cars sustained minimal damage.

Shortly after the incident, McAdams parked her car and still managed to proceed to her destination on foot.

The 33-year-old actress is currently in a relationship with Twilight star Michael Sheen. They met two years ago on the set of Woody Allen’s film, Midnight in Paris.  At present, McAdams is filming her new movie, About Time, where she plays as an old-fashioned pregnant woman.

Apparently, despite the traffic mishap that McAdams had encountered, she seems to remain positive the whole day and a Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer admires her for that.

A vehicle accident poses a serious threat to everyone involved. In fact, statistics revealed that it is the leading cause of death for people who are 34-years-old and below. Admittedly, McAdams is lucky enough that she had survived a vehicle accident unscathed.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Man who Stole Police Car Likely to Lose Legs after Automobile Accident

Photo gives credit to LA Times
A man who stole a police car from South Los Angeles is more likely to lose both of his legs after an automobile accident.

According to reports, the accident happened a few hours after the man stole the cruiser from the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) South Division. The crash occurred at 1298 S. La Brea Avenue near San Vicente Boulevard at around 3:56 in the morning last Friday.

Based on the initial investigation, the man was driving the cruiser when he slammed into a Starbucks coffee shop before he hit a light pole and eventually came to a stop after it struck a parked car.  

The man was transported to the hospital and may probably lose one or both his legs, according to LAPD West Traffic Division officer Sgt. Monte Houze. Apparently, the man was the sole person who got injured from the incident, Sgt. Houze added.

Furthermore, Sgt. Houze claimed that there was no car chase resulting in an accident that occurred. Witnesses claimed that the car veered into the Starbucks and created a second and third collision before it finally came to a stop. The cruiser was completely wrecked, according to authorities.

On a similar note, a Los Angeles automobile accident attorney explained that almost every twenty seconds, automobile accidents occur. In most cases, unnecessary personal injury was incurred by victims due to the reckless driving of others.

Unfortunately, negligence is the most common cause of auto accidents. Negligent acts mean that the driver who caused the collision did not practice proper driving behavior and reasonable care. Accordingly, there are many points in which negligence can take place.

Nevertheless, negligence is a failure to be careful rather than an act meant to cause injury. The key is to keep in mind that a reckless driver may be held liable for an accident due to his or her driving behavior. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Increase in Auto Accident Fatalities Calls for More Comprehensive Traffic Laws

In the past few years, an alarming increase in the number of traffic fatalities seems to be calling for a more comprehensive focus on safe driving.

In a recent statistic released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it was revealed that some 7,630 people died in auto accidents during the first quarter of the current year. Said figure accounts for an increase of 13.5 percent as compared to the first quarter of the previous year.

Several years ago, the number of highway fatalities in fact, significantly dropped but since then made a noticeable increase in the previous years.

According to a news report, an NHTSA official claimed that although it is too soon to speculate for what was referred to as an “alarming increase,” the result is disappointing since the first quarters of any year usually produce lower death tolls. Said rise in death toll is actually the second largest recorded figure since the NHTSA started keeping tracks of such incidents.

Unfortunately, in recent years, government figures have revealed that California is one of the states with the most number of highway fatalities. In fact, while the other states showed a decrease in death tolls in recent years, California recorded a remarkable increase. 

This is an issue that should be addressed immediately, said by a Los Angeles personal injury attorney. Despite the diligent effort exerted by the entire federal traffic law enforcement to avoid further traffic fatalities, new risks are emerging since  the advent of hand held devices and other electronic devices. Also, alcohol, over speeding, and poorly maintained automobiles are also factors for car accidents. Consequently, many people believe that more comprehensive traffic laws will definitely solve the growing vehicle accident problems of the country.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Big Bang Theory Actress, Mayim Bialik Injured in LA Auto Accident

The “Big Bang Theory” star, Mayim Bialik, was reportedly injured in an auto accident last Wednesday.

Accordingly, reports said that Bialik was driving her white Volvo when she was struck by another vehicle that was turning left in Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles.

Bialik sustained severe lacerations to her left hand but in her tweet, she told her fans that she was still in pain and that she will keep all her fingers after being seriously injured from the auto accident.

Police said that although the three occupants of the other car incurred minor injuries, they still managed to leave the scene at their own risk.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from the Los Angeles police said that the actress’ left hand and thumb were severely cut. Therefore, her husband is typing for her to in order to tell her fans that she is now doing fine and ready to work again. Incidentally, no citations were issued in relation to the incident, added the LAPD spokesperson.

The 36-year-old actress is now starring on NBC’s “Blossom” but she became well-known in the industry when she starred on CBS’s “Big Bang Theory.”

Bialik started her acting career in the late 1980s. She was in fact, nominated recently for an Emmy award for best supporting actress in a comedy series.

On a related note, an auto accident can be an upsetting and confusing, particularly when an injury has been incurred. It is quite important to know what to do in the first place during an accident in order to best protect your rights and to make sure that you do not commit any mistakes that can cost you a lot. To keep the situation under control, there are certain measures to be observed in the event of auto accidents and that is what people should know, said a Los Angeles car accident attorney.