Monday, September 3, 2012

Man who Stole Police Car Likely to Lose Legs after Automobile Accident

Photo gives credit to LA Times
A man who stole a police car from South Los Angeles is more likely to lose both of his legs after an automobile accident.

According to reports, the accident happened a few hours after the man stole the cruiser from the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) South Division. The crash occurred at 1298 S. La Brea Avenue near San Vicente Boulevard at around 3:56 in the morning last Friday.

Based on the initial investigation, the man was driving the cruiser when he slammed into a Starbucks coffee shop before he hit a light pole and eventually came to a stop after it struck a parked car.  

The man was transported to the hospital and may probably lose one or both his legs, according to LAPD West Traffic Division officer Sgt. Monte Houze. Apparently, the man was the sole person who got injured from the incident, Sgt. Houze added.

Furthermore, Sgt. Houze claimed that there was no car chase resulting in an accident that occurred. Witnesses claimed that the car veered into the Starbucks and created a second and third collision before it finally came to a stop. The cruiser was completely wrecked, according to authorities.

On a similar note, a Los Angeles automobile accident attorney explained that almost every twenty seconds, automobile accidents occur. In most cases, unnecessary personal injury was incurred by victims due to the reckless driving of others.

Unfortunately, negligence is the most common cause of auto accidents. Negligent acts mean that the driver who caused the collision did not practice proper driving behavior and reasonable care. Accordingly, there are many points in which negligence can take place.

Nevertheless, negligence is a failure to be careful rather than an act meant to cause injury. The key is to keep in mind that a reckless driver may be held liable for an accident due to his or her driving behavior. 


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